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Cote Culture is a mindfulness lifestyle brand.

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 Riley has dedicated his life to helping other transform their lives using different tools and disciplines to keep the body, mind and spirit balanced and optimized.


Cote's past experiences integrated with the knowledge and understanding of ancient and practical lifestyle philosophies makes for a unique opportunity to level up your life with Riley's SELF-CARE therapy and LIFE transformation sessions.

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Upon retiring, Riley quickly recognized some very disturbing truths and felt the need to act and become the change. Between the mental health crises, the opioid crises and the obesity crises it was clear to him that we have become extremely disconnected in our personal lives and lacked the true essence of life, positive energy of self love.It became Riley’s duty to change the narrative into a more positive and loving one. One that provides a clear, realistic perspective of the steps required to increase quality of life and mental performance including the essential tools to execute these disciplines. Riley’s philosophy pays close attention to understanding energy and how to work with it to your advantage. Beginning with thought, there is a major emphasis on developing the habit of always acting with a positive mental attitude. “As you think, so you become”, so we must craft our self talk very carefully. And always aiming to express it in a positive fashion. Personal development and spiritual growth are important ingredients to our mental wellness. 

The world crisis is but a reflection of the chaotic state of the collective consciousness. The most important action we can perform to contribute to the momentous task of bringing our planet back into balance is to start changing ourselves.


It begins with a mindset and an attitude of taking ownership of our own life. We are all special in our own way. Tap into the infinite intelligence of our mind and bring out the genius within us. Next time we find ourselves looking for answers in the material and physical world, dig deep inside ourselves, reflect inwards and trust we are already equipped with the tools to live a better more abundant life. 


The Focus: Self-Care 

Mindfulness. Awareness. Positive mental attitude. Nutrient rich diet. Mindful exercise. Meditation. Breath work. Minimilism. Positive creative expression. Journaling & reading. Relationships. Communication. 

Human connection.



Knowing is not enough. We must take action and do the work. Life is but a series of daily behaviors and the integration of life fundamentals are necessary in achieving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.